We all need to be heard and understood, and my experience, training, and degree equip me to truly hear you, and fully understand your needs. I offer a personal approach to meeting your design needs that is unique and cost-effective. From inception to installation — I hold your hand every step of the way, until your dream is accomplished. Call me today and book a consultation!

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Make Your Space Work for You

Every space serves a purpose, and yours should look, feel and function in a way that makes your life easier. At Willow + Jade Interiors, I work closely with you to understand your unique needs and personality, so that your space feels like a natural extension of you. Contact me today and get the peaceful space you deserve!



Virtual Design

This process works in the same way as in-person services, except everything is done through electronic communication, and I work together with you every step of the way til completion. Contact me today and book a consultation.

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Tailor Made Products to Fit Your Space

One of my favorite things about this process, is the organic synergy of working with you and your unique needs.  Sometimes making something unique for you is the best way to reflect your personality, suit your needs, and/or meet your financial constraints. I love a little DIY, so this is a very exciting component of what I offer. Contact me today for more info, and let's make the magic happen together!